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Trips/Travel/Outings & Events

Purpose: Grace Assembly has recognized the need for enhanced communication and accountability regarding the activities, both on our campuses and away. It is important to stay consistent with all church departments and activities. With this in mind, we have developed the following process for the previously mentioned events. This policy is not meant to micro-manage the various ministries of Grace Assembly, nor hinder the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministries in which we serve. It is to serve as protection of the assets, reputation, and integrity of Grace Assembly.

Scope: This new process encompasses trips, travel, outings, and events that involve 2 or more church leaders. The following are some examples of activities that would be covered within this policy. Church type services off-site, camping trips, day trips, theme parks, holiday parties, celebrations, outreach, waterslides, and any other event that is outside of the normal functions of our services.

Notifications: In order to obtain approval for the desired activity, a detailed event plan must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of the event. This notification shall be submitted to the department head in writing, and in turn the department head will present it to the pastoral, and administration staff for approval.

Event Plan: A completed event plan must contain at a minimum the following:

1.) Date and time of the event, and the length (hours and/or days), of time

2.) Location of the event

3.) Purpose of the event

4.) A budget with a breakdown of the costs

  • Transportation costs, including gas
  • Special Speakers
  • Meals
  • Tickets to events or parks
  • Boarding
  • Rental equipment (tables, chairs, sounds, slides, etc)
  • Note if this activity will interfere with Sunday Service (missing church service on Sunday is not preferred)
  • Head count
  • Permission Slips/Waivers
  • Names of the approved chaperones (chaperones must be approved with background checks by Grace Assembly of God)

Church Leaders: Church leaders are those that lead or have led any ministry activity. This would include volunteers that have acted as overseers during the course of an event.

Permission Slips/Waivers: Prior to events on Grace Assembly property, a facility usage request must be submitted. A permission slip is required for events off the church property involving parishioners under 18. The completed permission slip must be submitted to the church office at least 1 business day prior to the event. In the same manner, any events involving excitable or rambunctious activity will require waivers to be signed by the parent or guardian of each child that may participate in the activity.

Chaperones: All chaperones must be approved by pastoral staff and ministry department head. After a candidate is initially approved, they must be willing to submit personal information for a third party to conduct a background check for final approval. If a candidate cannot adhere to both requirements, they will not be able to participate in these events.

Drivers: In order to volunteer to be on the Grace Assembly Approved Drivers list, he/she must have a valid driver license and submit a DMV print out. If a volunteer has more than three (3) points on their record, they must obtain Pastor approval before they can be added to the list.

Again, this policy is to protect Grace Assembly and serve as a consistent process. This policy may be updated at any time.

Event Plan Request Form
Costs to consider:
* Transportation cost including gas
* Special Speakers
* Meals
* Tickets to events or parks
* Boarding
* Rental equipment (tables, chairs, sound, slides, etc.)
In addition to this form, please provide: permission slips, waivers, list of chaperones, list of drivers and a facility usage request (if needed).